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September 7, 2021
Top 3 Excuses Clients Use To Avoid Closing & How To Respond

After all that time spent designing marketing strategies and nurturing your leads, it comes down to the moment of truth — the consultation.

August 23, 2021
3 EASY Ways to Calibrate Your Email Marketing

If you want to learn how to use e-mail marketing to grow your revenue, this blog is for you. Let's talk about how you can use calibrated e-mail marketing within your practice to grow your revenue.

July 9, 2021
5 Things Your Advertising Funnel Should Have

Tell us, what does your advertisement funnel look like? An ad funnel is a system that helps to lead prospects and convert them into paying clients. It represents the whole process that customers go through.

August 31, 2021
How One Ortho Started a Practice IN THE MIDDLE of the Pandemic

Today we want to share our client success interview with Krystal Smith, the co-owner of Next Level Orthodontics. Their office generated OVER 400k in total production revenue with us despite...

June 15, 2021
Building a Positive & Productive Team

Have you ever been part of a highly motivated team? If you have, chances are that most days, you were happy to do your work. You were focused and enthusiastic. Your coworkers and employees likely felt the same.

April 20, 2021
Why Video Marketing is Crucial for Your Practice

Do you wonder if video marketing is relevant for your practice? Read this blog and find out WHY you need to add video marketing to your practice.

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Do you provide customer support?
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