Pillar 1: Lead Gen

A consistent method to fill your pipeline with new leads. 
A lead is every person who has shown interest in your brand by taking some action. 
It can be something as simple as clicking on your ad, or maybe you got the lead to share their contact details or send you a DM, implying that they may want to do business with you. A lead generation strategy includes tactics that attract interested prospects and convert them into leads.

You want to get leads, a lot of them! But if you only get cold leads you’d be wasting money and time big time, don’t you agree? It’s essential for you to make sure you have quality leads, meaning, people that really have an interest in what you have to offer. 

The blueprint that usually showcases the most success when talking about creating audiences that like YOU is based on: 

  • Video adds 
  • And a continuous effort to position YOU as THE aesthetic authority of your region

Why add video ads?

Stories are part of our daily lives, in the anecdotes, we tell our friends, the books we read, and the films we watch. Stories are also recognized as an important way of connecting with any audience and storytelling is increasingly used in workplaces, advertising.

It seems impossible to hold people's attention nowadays. The good news is that we have the opportunity to tell stories through visual storytelling, a.k.a videos and graphics. That implemented properly can do wonders for your marketing strategies. Check out Wistias study about 4 Ways to Keep Viewers Engaged in an Online Video to learn more about this practice.

Hey, doc! Can I get an autograph? 

Back in 2006, HubSpot minted the phrase "inbound marketing," which refers to the process of attracting, delighting, converting, and closing customers. Inbound marketing is a methodology designed to draw visitors and potential customers in, rather than outwardly pushing a brand, product, or service onto prospects in the hope of lead generation or customers

You want to keep this process in mind: 

Know - Like - Trust

Yes, your best bet is becoming an online celebrity! You want people to know, like, and trust you before stepping into your consultation.

Pillar 2:  Operations & Follow Up. 

A systemic way to convert those leads into booked appointments.

A new lead is born. Now get in touch with that lead.

You see, in a world where you can buy whatever product you want through Amazon.com, having quick responses is a requirement.

Mark these words: you MUST follow up with your lead during the first 3 to 5 minutes to avoid losing your chances of establishing a relationship with your lead -business-wise talking, please don't blush.- 

Trust us on this one; you don't want to lose relevance in your potential customer's mind. Following up around 8 to 12 times is not harassment -as long as you do it smartly through phone calls, text messages, and emails- it is necessary. 

Pillar 3: Pillar 3: Irresistible and Superior Offer

Our solution: Engage.A.I. Patient Start System.

You do orthodontics & customer service. We’ll get the clients.

80% of practices take 48 hours to respond to a lead. As we previously stated, not answering within the first 3-5 minutes chances of losing your lead is catastrophically huge. 

This issue might be a result of poor front-desk training to handle outbound phone-calls, or just cause your lead sent their message during after hours or weekends -when most leads come in, in fact.-  We live in the society of NOW and here A.I. kicks in strong as a new marketing ally.

Why bet on a horse that you know is already going to lose

Even though Engage.A.I. don’t refer to Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is powerful material. The impact of A.I. in digital marketing is HUGE, you can check further information in the SmartInsight study that says:

<<Unsurprisingly, this inevitable rise of AI technologies in marketing is causing a major shift in the way companies work. With more and more companies looking to adopt a data-centric approach to meet the demand for more effective digital marketing.>>

A.I. in marketing is the use of customer data, machine learning, and other techy concepts to predict a person’s action or inaction. Let us explain why adding this technology to your practice will 

  • It always follows up in time 
  • It doesn’t care about after-hours or weekends. It works.

Forget about Email, Send Text Messages.

Did you know that email has a 5% open rate while text messages deliver a 98% open rate?
In terms of digital marketing channels, email marketing is one of the oldest. More than a decade counts as a long time in digital marketing, but people have had enough of opening office e-mails, it’s quite likely they won’t make time to truly read the valuable information you send to their inbox.
Also, think about what we said about the average attention span you have to take into consideration when sending a message to your leads.

Add text messaging to your success strategy

Maybe you are used to using e-mails as the main way to let people know about your specials and promos.  But truth be told, the average open rate stands around 20% or less, meaning that not even half of your potential clients might not adequately receive the information you sent. 

According to the study “Average email marketing campaign stats of Mailchimp customers by industry”  performed by MailChimp, this is the current situation for dentists and orthodontics: 

Businesses can send text messages to prospects and customers to increase brand awareness, boost engagement, and even generate sales.

Get an Engage.ing difference VS. the competition

You don’t have to worry about P1 or P2, we’ve got those -and you don’t have to worry about getting any of us a new desk or make us office space, thank you- 

  • We'll Run Your Ads For FREE
  • We’ll take care of your economy. Pay us one time with no recurring fee.
  • We’ll take care of follow up, nurture, and schedule leads on your behalf
  • We'll take care of the following and scheduling
  • You’ll have your staff full attention & time without worrying about properly following up

Marketing is our passion, really, think about what a Growth Partner that's been working with 200+ medical practices across the United States and Canada during the last three years can do for you! 

Rest assured that you are making a smart business decision by adding Engage. To your team.

Want to see to believe? Check out Dr. Wright case study and learn how we've helped Dr. Wright generate $264,936 in 3 months with only ~$7,000 in advertising. 

This new AI technology works and it's so powerful we guarantee results with a 100% money-back promise.

P.S. Since this is so powerful, we can only reserve this for 1 provider per city. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to boost your practice and outshine your own expectations. 

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Engage: The 3 Pillars of success.

You want to get leads, a lot of them! But if you're only getting cold leads you’re be wasting money and time, don’t you agree? It’s essential for you to make sure you have quality leads - people that really have an interest in what you have to offer.

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Add Engage. And Instantly Bring Quality Leads To Your Practice.

As Growth Partners, we commit to helping you get quality leads. And we won’t leave you alone here! We partake in the risk and work with you on a profound level during the entire process of client acquisition.

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